N.B. Names may have been changed for anonymity.

“Take Off has literally been my saviour.”


“Thank you again for another great cooking session.  You have no idea how valuable you are to us, even if it seems that we don’t contribute that much, you are a big part of our lives, helping us through this pandemic.


“Without you I would be going crazy, you help me see things in a different way because you listen to me and give my thoughts back to me so I can them more clearly… Now I know about other help that’s out there and I wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t for you. I wasn’t eating properly and when talking to you I figured out this was another thing that made me feel so depressed during the day. We talked about what I could do during the day with quick foods that keep me going and it’s made such a big difference. With the calls I’m able to get the emotions out so I don’t explode. Sometimes I get teary but I’m able to talk about it in a way I never could before, I felt like I wanted to end it all because it was all stored inside and I didn’t see a way out of feeling this way. Now I do and I know there’s hope. I understand it’s going to be a long and difficult journey but knowing that you’re there for me when I need the group support really helps.



“Groups are brilliant. It’s good to see regular faces, where you don’t have to explain more than the last 48 hours maximum. I like to be able to talk without being judged with people you have genuine empathy for how you are feeling. I always leave a group feeling better than when I joined. The frequency of them is brilliant. The BPD group is so helpful for me.



“That’s the thing I like about Take Off, there’s no set end date



“Take Off calls have helped me massively during the lockdown. Just having that regular contact of someone to talk to. Someone you can be open with without fear of being judged because they have been through a similar experience really is invaluable. I cannot praise Take Off highly enough.



“Take Off really helps me to feel less isolated and it’s really helpful to spend time with other people going through similar situations.


Take Off also helps with my social anxiety, being in a safe environment with people who understand your worries and concerns. The Creative Groups are a great way to forget your anxieties for a couple of hours. Being creative focuses your mind to be in the present.



“Take Off just keeps giving, unlike other services. It has been the only good thing in my life.



“I’ve found Take Off very helpful, very kind, very understanding, very positive, very needed and a very genuine, excellent service



“I benefit immeasurably from the support I get from Take Off. The groups I attend and the one to one phone calls are of enormous help, I find that being able to share with others is a very important aspect of the groups.